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Today we go behind the scenes on the set of the I Just Won video. This is a great partnership of local companies coming together to grow and produce amazing content!


As with any filming, location is important. For this project, we used the runway at Sandtoft Airfield. Working with the airfield we filmed on the runway whilst also allowing them to continue operating light aircraft flights from the airfield. Utilising radios we were in constant communication with the air traffic control at the airstrip allowing for safe filming. The airfield is the perfect location for this project as it has some great hidden areas and old hangers to film against with the benefit of a 900m runway to allow for fast runs of the cars.

On Set

On set, we harnessed the versatility of gimbals alongside traditional tripods and stands to create a truly cinematic and exciting film. On the day, lighting was perfect with good cloud cover allowing for nice smooth lighting meaning minimal lighting equipment was required. ‍

The Cars

All the cars on set were current or upcoming cars you can win at ijustwon.com. The challenge with this film is the variation of cars from a MK1 Golf to the latest AMG Mercedes A45. Incorporating them all into the same film whilst maintaining their individual personalities and characteristics was a challenge but allowed for some interesting and exciting shots.

The Results

The results of this filming turned into a 45-second promotional film alongside individual car promos. This has given I Just Won ultimate flexibility giving them great results across social media and their website.
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