Drone Video Now Available

On January 1st 2021 Drone Rules where changed by the UK CAA  (Civil Aviation Authority) that removed the distinction between private and commercial operators. This has opened up access to airspace and flying of drones for more uses. We also use drones that fall into the lowest level of regulation so we are able to fly almost everywhere. (Certain limited restrictions apply). We are fully insured for every flight we do and always undertake pre-flight safety planning. We are now able to provide 4k Drone footage in house along with Drone Photography.


Quoting from the CAA themselves “If you’re flying a drone or model aircraft that is C0 class, you can fly closer to people than 50m and you can fly over them.” This gives us an incredible opportunity to capture footage that has never been possible before. Now with the exception of No Fly Zones and some limited other places we can fly anywhere.


JAW Media is insured and authorised by the CAA (Civil Aviation Authority) to operate. Available to capture aerial footage for you and also provide post-production. Based in South Yorkshire and available for jobs anywhere in Yorkshire & The Humber.

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